At the beginning of the age of telecommunication a sophisticated young lady, also known in German as "Das Fräulein vom Amt", would emphatically work the switchboard, enabling rapid connection between various lines of communication. It is our prerogative to provide an equally good and profitable product/service and thus named our company after this charming archetype of the connection-service. Our focus however, lies in linking the communication mediums of the social networks, the world wide web and the offline world. Thus our products are called “Lines” and provides elegant and effective solutions for previously inefficient/inadequate means of communication.

"Line 1" is our first product and provides a smooth forwarding and linking solution to your Facebook Fanpage. It launches a mini Webpage, also known as “Landing Page”, which provides the user with the option of viewing your Fanpage within either their Web Browser or the Facebook App. With this added option the visitor rate of your Facebook Fanpage will increase by a factor of four! Wherever you advertise your Fanpage, simply use the URL provided by us instead of the standard Facebook URL and enjoy the vastly increased Fanpage traffic. Read the paragraphs below to gain a deeper insight into "Line 1"
When advertising their Facebook Fanpage almost every company encounters a similar problem. This problem is becoming increasingly prominent and yet most are completely oblivious to it: they make use of Link-Buttons on their Webpages, free WiFi-spots or QR-Codes and URLs on their packaging so people can easily connect with them on Facebook by providing their Facebook URL (view image to the left). Therein lies the problem.
The URL they use, is a link that will always be opened by a Web Browser. Activating it on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc) will mostl likely result in what can be seen in the image to the left. The User is not automatically logged-on and cannot interact with the Fanpage right away. Statistics show that this occurs approximately 75% of the time. Users vastly prefer the use of the Facebook App. Not being apple to have them directly linked and launched into the Facebook App, Fanpages lose an enormous amount of traffic and potential fans. “Line 1” prevents this form ever happening again and is the easiest solution.

"Line 1" provides a Landing Page that let's your visitors choose from using the Facebook App or the Web Browser to visit your Fanpage. A third option can easily be added here, such as a link to your personal Homepage or to any additional content. Furthermore the landing page is fully customizable. It can thus be designed to match your corporate image (various examples can be found below). The ability to open the app is the main advantage of this product. This is the only way to ensure that 100% of your visitors will successfully access your Facebook content. We have added a free to use, non customizable version of the page which can be set up here:

The Landing Page offers another massive advantage: You can monitor performance with our monitoring tool. For example, you can compare the success of different QR-Code-campaigns or WiFi-Spots. Should you require any advice or assistance, we gladly offer our support.

The ability to launch the Facebook App on any mobile device is the absolute core of this product. Therefore our price calculation is based on its usage. The Basic Package costs 10€/month and includes 100 free clicks on the Facebook-App button. Every additional 'click' will be charged at 0,10€/click until your account reaches 100€/month. After this our services will be free of charge. (Please note: we reserve the right to raise the 100€/month limit when dealing with large enterprises)

It would be our pleasure to make your Fanpage an even bigger success. You are still hesitating and would like to test the product first? Here you can create an ad-supported version of the Landing Page free of charge. Simply paste your Facebook URL in the box below. 

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